Cam Grinders, Inc.
Your Full Service Machine Shop


Full reconditioning of gas & diesel engine blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods & cylinder heads.
Free pick-up & delivery in the greater Puget Sound region. 
Custom work and small jobs accepted.   Call today for a quote!
Crankshaft grinding, polishing & repair - Up to 10 foot length
Cylinder Head rebuilding - All Diesel & Gas engines
Camshaft grinding, straightening & repair - Up to 10 foot length
Lifter re-facing & Cam Follower rebuilding
Connecting Rod reconditioning for all applications
Cylinder Block repair, machining & welding
Cylinder liner boring & honing
Block alignboring & main line repairs
Surfacing & machining - Up to 110"
Certified Magnaflux N.D.T. inspection of ferrous & non-ferrous materials
Ferrous & non-ferrous parts cleaning
Transmission, Differential & Reduction Gear Case repair, welding, & restoration
Bearing bore repair, crack repair & dimensional modifications
Flywheel surfacing & repair, flat & cup type surfacing, Pilot Bearing bore & crank mounting area
Front Axle & Bolster repair- King Pin bore sleeving, Spindle repair & re-bushing

Specialty Machine Services
- Metal Spray repairs - inside & outside surfaces
- Shaft & keyway repairs
- E.D.M. (Electro Discharge Machining) service for removal of broken Taps, bolts, studs, etc.
Field Machining Services
- Boring & sleeving Block Counterbore repairs
- Cam Bushing removal & installation
General Machining Services
- Lathe work up to 72" length & 16" diameter
- Horizontal & vertical Mill work
Honing from 3/8" to 12" diameter - Up to 24" length